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Similar to using a general contractor to build a house, with The Marketing Corner, you’ll call one company for SEO, graphic design, printing, or anything else. We’ll handle every part of your company’s marketing.  Don't need everything?  We can tackle the small projects too!

If you’re looking for an agency to come in, throw together a quick project, and then vanish, you’re probably not looking for us. If, on the other hand, you’re looking for a home improvement marketing partner that’s in it for the long-haul, a marketing team that will invest their passion in helping you build remodeling lead generation, then its time you said “hello” to The Marketing Corner.

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Our Home Improvent Marketing Partners

The Marketing Corner is an integrated home improvement marketing and remodeling lead generation resource. Based in Chicago, Illinois, we service large home improvement retailers to independent contractors, and everyone in between.  We offer a full range of marketing services including lead generation, content marketing, branding, corporate communications, SEO, social media, sales support, web design, and so much more!

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Home Improvement Contractors

Are you a home improvement contractor looking for the best way to find more customers?  The Marketing Corner is your answer to building your home improvement company.  We’ll create logos, brands, and communication strategies between you and your customers.  From developing a website to running your social media, The Marketing Corner can handle it all.

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Builders & Remodeling Companies

We’ve been fortunate enough to work with many different sized building and remodeling companies.  For busineses who lack maketing departments, we’ll serve as your outsourced home improvement marketing team.  Already have in house marketing staff?  We’ll work side by side with them to increase productivity and generate more leads.

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Home Improvement Product Manufacters

Whether we work on corporate communications between home improvement manufacturers and distributors, or assist in building a franchise network, The Marketing Corner helps large home improvement and remodeling industy companies do it all!  We’ll develop brand standards, consult with your distbuitiors, and even work on product development.

Marketing For Home Improvement Product Manufacturers

Home Improvement Retailers

As a home improvement retailer you know what drives your customers to your store.  We’ll help with promotions, point of purchase advertising, in-store lead generation and work with your local in home service providers to improve your retail brand.  We write sales scripts, create email campaigns, build selling aids, and design in-home presentations.

Home Improvement Retail Marketing and Brand Promotions